Indulge sky high at FIRE, where traditional asado flavours meet modern techniques, crafting unique dishes that honour Argentina’s culinary heritage.

With a focus on grilled meats, a time-honoured staple of the country, FIRE innovates by embracing contemporary methods, diverse cuts and tantalizing seasonings. Curated with precision, our grilled meats are delicately infused with the essence of apple, oak and almond woods.

We exalt the fervor that fuels Argentinians, extending it to our bold and vibrant cuisine. Each bite ignites with explosive flavours, embodying the same zest and passion ingrained in the people. Within our inviting ambience, meticulous attention to detail and warm staff, you’ll experience the very essence of Argentinean culture—the fervent heartbeat of a nation at FIRE.



The saying “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” rings true, especially when it comes to the creation of a project as iconic and inspiring as 1-ATICO. It believes in a collective culture, with an all-star ensemble of specialised chefs.

Each and every one of them bring their unique perspective and approach to food research and innovation, which contributes greatly to a well-rounded research and development of both FIRE and FLNT’s culinary program.

Combined, the team has over a century of experience in cooking and hospitality.